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When you choose McCoy Family Law, LLC you are choosing an experienced, professional law firm that is committed to excellence in all the legal services that we provide. Client stisfaction is our ultimate goal.

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McCoy Family Law, LLC
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Reane PalmoreReane Palmore
19:23 11 Nov 22
Thanks to Colleen McCoy my children are now able to live free of abuse and neglect and are free to be kids again. I couldnt be more greatful to Colleen McCoy for helping me and taking my case. My kids were suffering and now they are thriving. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. She literialy saved my kids lives.
Zaid AboodZaid Abood
05:21 18 Jul 22
Colleen McCoy is the best of the best. I cant thank her enough. I went through a rough divorce 6 years ago and she made the whole process easier. I didnt have enough money for her retainer at that time and she still chose to take my case out of kindness and charged the proper fee. She was fighting for me all the way through the end. I dont think other local family lawyers can match her energy in court.Thanks again!
Natasha VascoNatasha Vasco
17:17 21 Dec 20
The very minute I met Colleen McCoy, I knew I had found the right lawyer for me. I came to her in shambles after leaving an abusive situation. She immediately calmed me, built me up and prepared me for battle. She was my fighter and I could always turn to her. Over the long dragged out custody battle for nearly 2 years, she never left my side. She would always think of the best option, always had tricks up her sleeves and she put in the hard hard work. She researched for hours and hours, preparing and knowing everything, inside and out. She never dismissed me or made my questions feel silly. She validated my experiences and truly made me feel heard. She promised me a win and that’s exactly what happened. Colleen is the most authentic, genuine, a power house and the most intelligent lawyer I have ever met or heard of in my entire life. I will recommend her to all my family, friends and any colleagues. Throughout life, if anything happens to me and I need a lawyer, you better bet I will be calling Colleen McCoy!
Owen JensenOwen Jensen
12:59 21 Dec 20
I was very fortunate finding Colleen.I had finished divorce court and have been battling custody continuously, the stress has been unbearable and Colleen was very patient and knowledgeable. She would listen to me and be direct with me, which is needed.When it came to planning and court preceding's she was very proficient and she fought for me hard. False accusations are one of the hardest things to deal with in custody court and working together with Colleen we were able to prove each lie in each hearing.Being my second attorney and the many searches and experiences I've had I trust her immensely. I did so much studying, learning and preparing but prior to hiring her I struggled. I was ignored and treated poorly. With Colleen's knowledge, experience and presence I was treated fairly.I highly recommend Colleen McCoy to anyone dealing with custody court.She stepped up and fought for me, stood with me and was solid through all of the stress.Sincerely,Owen
Erika DawkinsErika Dawkins
19:02 30 Oct 17
Colleen is an excellent lawyer with plenty of experience on family law. She represented me on a very complicated custody case, she not only agreed to take my case in the middle of the battle but also modified her fees to fit my financial needs. She fought hard for my kids and their safety and didn't let the opposite lawyer intimidated her. I recommend Colleen 100%.

More Testimonials

  • I spoke with Colleen and found her to be very knowledgeable about my situation. She advised me about what I needed to do. I highly recommend her. Thank you so much!
    Christi Cooper
  • I have worked with Ms. McCoy from across the aisle more than once and I've found her to be zealous and reasonable. She will not fill her clients with false ideas and works hard for them. Highly recommended.
    Kimberly Utesch
  • Very knowledgeable and professional! I highly recommend Colleen. She is a dedicated family law practitioner and takes the time to learn the craft to perform her best under any circumstance.
    Elle Byram
  • Ms. McCoy cares about people. She knows every client has a story. Ms. McCoy operates with integrity and advocates for the best possible outcome. Her professionalism and compassion makes her an excellent choice.
    Tina Avery
  • McCoy Family Law is very well respected in our legal community. Colleen has an excellent reputation for fighting for her clients' best interests in family law court.
    Karen McCarthy

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