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Child Support Modifications Lawyer In Denver

Modifications: Child Support

Modifying child support orders adjusts how much each parent pays for a child's financial well-being. In Colorado, both parents remain responsible for providing enough financial contributions to support the child until they turn 18. Requesting a change in the parents' financial responsibility is called a modification to the child support plan.

The child support modifications attorneys at McCoy Family Law understand the constantly evolving needs of children. We help co-parents make modifications to the child support plan that centers on the child's best interest.

To schedule an initial consultation, get in touch with a child support modifications lawyer at McCoy Family Law in Denver, CO, at (720) 741-7442.

Colorado Laws for Modifications: Child Support

Colorado family law states that either parent can request modifications for the child support amount. Typically, the custodial parent receives the funds from the other parent.

However, the court requires that support modification requests must follow a dramatic change in circumstances that render a change. These circumstances include a wide range of financial-related issues.

  • job loss
  • significant income change
  • financial hardships

Whatever the situation, it must affect the monthly child support amount by at least 10% to qualify for modifications.

Can You File for Child Support Modifications More Than Once?

In short, yes. The state of Colorado allows parents to submit modification requests any time they experience significant financial changes.

If either parent loses a job or receives a significant income change, they can file a request to the court on the basis of financial hardship. Both parents are responsible for paying child support until the child reaches 18 or completes high school.

How Does the Court Determine the Monthly Child Support Amount?

Typically, the income of each parent and the specific needs of the child determine child support arrangements. However, several other factors contribute to the decision.

  • health care costs
  • daycare costs (if needed)
  • child support from a previous marriage
  • financial support from a current spouse

How To File a Modification Request

If you experience significant financial changes and need to adjust the child support payments, you can file a motion to change the child support order. The motion must go through Colorado's Child Support Enforcement in your county of residence or through the court that initially ordered the child support arrangement.

To move forward with your case, you must submit documentation that reflects your updated income status.

If you file a request outside of the state of Colorado, your current state of residence may require you to file a request through them. If you or your former partner live in the same state that the original child support order was issued in, you must file the motion in that state.

Whatever the reasons behind your child support modifications request, having an experienced child support modification attorney by your side makes the process easier to handle. At McCoy Family Law, we care about fellow Colorado families and are passionate about helping parents make decisions for the child's benefit.

Let an knowledgeable child support modifications attorney at McCoy Family Law in Denver, CO, help you navigate the state's legal system. Call us at (720) 741-7442 to learn more about how we can help with your request for child support modifications.

Child Support Modifications Attorney Q&A

Our child support modifications attorneys specialize in navigating the complexities of child support modifications, focusing on the best interests of your child. Our expertise includes understanding the evolving needs of children and providing legal guidance to ensure financial responsibilities are fairly adjusted in Denver.
To initiate a child support modification in Denver, one must file a motion through Colorado's Child Support Enforcement or the court that initially set the child support order. Documentation reflecting the changed financial circumstances is crucial for the process.
If you're facing financial changes and need to adjust your child support payments, reach out to us. Our dedicated child support modification attorneys are committed to supporting Denver families through the legal aspects of child support modifications, ensuring decisions are made in your child's best interest.

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