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Denver Parenting Plan Modifications Attorney

Modifications: Parenting Plan

As your children get older, their needs will change. When this happens, co-parents may start to consider modifications to the parenting plan.

If you need to update your parenting plan or defend your custody rights, let the attorneys at McCoy Family Law in Denver, CO, be your guide. We understand the complexities of family law in Colorado and are passionate about helping clients achieve their goals.

Families are our priority, and it shows through our services. Call us at (720) 741-7442 to schedule a consultation.

Circumstances for Modifications: Parenting Plan

The state of Colorado determines custody parenting arrangements based on the child's best interests rather than a 50/50 parenting agreement. As the child grows up, their needs evolve, and co-parents may need to adjust their parenting plan.

Aside from a child's evolving physical and emotional needs, various circumstances may call for an updated child custody arrangement.

  • child's custodial parent changes
  • a parent moves or relocates
  • the child is at risk of endangerment
  • the child's well-being is affected

If the parents agree, changes to the parenting plan are quickly achievable. However, if co-parents struggle to reach an agreement, they will have to wait two years to make changes. The only exception to the two-year waiting period includes existing evidence of child endangerment or abuse.

What Are the Procedures for Modifications: Parenting Plan?

Although every case is different, consider the two basic processes for adjusting a parenting plan.

1. Motion to Modify Parenting Time

This modification process takes place when parents cannot come to an amicable agreement on parenting times. In a motion to modify parenting time, a parent must list the desired parenting plan changes and submit a request to the court. Along with the requested modifications, they must show why these changes will benefit the child or children.

After the parent submits the official request, the court will establish a hearing date. Following the arguments presented by the parent at the hearing, the court will decide whether or not the modifications are in the best interest of the child.

2. Stipulation to Modify Parenting Time

Unlike a motion to modify parenting time, the stipulation process centers on when both parents agree on modification terms. Although a hearing is unnecessary, the parents will need to submit the proper forms and wait for the judge's approval.

If the judge agrees that the new modifications are in the child's best interest, further steps are required to officially change parenting times and child support agreements.

Whether or not you and your fellow co-parent agree on modifications for the parenting plan, it is helpful to seek the advice of a legal professional. Colorado family law is challenging to navigate on your own. The attorneys at McCoy Family Law in Denver, CO, understand these complexities and are passionate about helping families.

Our priority is your family. We want to help parents fight for custody while keeping the child's best interest in mind. When you need to update the parenting plan, let our attorneys guide you through Colorado's family legal system.

Schedule an initial consultation and case review with McCoy Family Law in Denver, CO, by calling (720) 741-7442.

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