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We’re excited about what we do and it shows in our work. At McCoy Family Law, LLC, customer service is our #1 priority. We’re constantly looking for new ways to better represent our clients. Give us a call to learn more about why we’re the best legal firm in Denver and the surrounding area.

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Child Custody & Support

Regardless of whether you’re seeking child custody in the early stages of your divorce, modifications to your child custody agreement, or if you seek the child support you are entitled to from your ex-spouse, our lawyers are here for you. We understand that cases of custody and support are difficult for all parties involved, which is why we aim to make the process as easy as possible for you, so you can get back to cherishing your young ones.

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The attorneys at McCoy Family Law, LLC know that moving forward through a divorce can be heartbreaking, stressful, and entirely exhausting. The understanding and caring attorneys at McCoy Family Law, LLC are here to walk with you hand-in-hand through this difficult time. We’ll listen to you through every meeting, and fight for your rights and your interests in your marriage’s end, whether you seek monetary compensation, your home, child custody, or even the family pet.

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Domestic Violence

Sadly, many family law cases involve domestic violence or dangerous threats. For the protection of yourself and your loved ones, please call our expert attorneys immediately. We have extensive experience with domestic violence cases, and can seek protective court orders to during or after the separation takes place. Moreover, your dedicated attorney will listen to your concerns, and will be on-call whenever you need personal or professional support in this difficult time.

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Adoptions / Guardianships

Familial relationships have a legal component that defines certain rights and responsibilities. Often, the legal recognition of certain relationships may carry an emotional significance as well.

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By settling a case outside of courtroom litigation, you can avoid an uncertain or foreseeably detrimental ruling and create your own solutions.

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Appeals / Post-Decree Reviews

If you believe the trial court made a serious mistake in their ruling, you may want to speak with an attorney to determine whether an appeal is possible.

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After all the trouble that goes into getting a Court Order, the expectation is that the parties will follow it. When someone disregards a Court Order, a finding of Contempt following a court hearing can hold that someone accountable.

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Post-decree modifications can operate differently than your initial Dissolution or Parental Responsibilities action. In a modification, your written motion to modify any order can make or break your case.

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You can establish or contest paternity with a simple Court ordered DNA test. If it has been several years since the child’s birth, however, accounting for child support from the time of birth can be daunting.

Prenuptial / Premarital Agreements

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Life and the law may have their own plans for your marital bliss, property, and income. Prenuptial Agreements allow couples to plan how they want separate and marital property to be allocated in the event of death, separation, or divorce.




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